The Problem with Egalitarianism

Per the premise of civil rights: Americans generally seek the political and social freedom and equality of all citizens, including male and female.

Implicit in the idea of civil rights is this idea of egalitarianism. While it is true that men and women are equal in terms of competencies, I feel that our society has emphasized equality to such an extreme extent that we have lost sight of the distinction between male and female.

In the relationship between male and female, we should seek equality with respect to some factors, but not to the extent that we obliterate the distinction between male and female. Absolutizing equality in this way ruins the music that can be had between two different instruments or the painting that can be made from two different colors.

God made man male and female to be appreciated in their proper roles and relationship to one another. Perhaps the answer to male abuse is not to obliterate the distinction between male and female in an attempt to equalize them, but to hold males accountable to their God-ordained roles as males.

In this article (, Piper argues that males have a peculiar divine design to show a special care, protection, and honor to women because of their maleness.

Maybe it is time that we bring this biblical definition back into vogue, instead of going along with the cultural current of egalitarianism.