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If this graphic is true, this would lend further support to my statements that each State of our country should be treated on a case by case basis instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

According to this graphic, parts of Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania are hit hardest by COVID.

This post also raises an important point. Everyone, whether they’re formally aware of it or not, carries an operative mental image of what’s happening with our country. For some, like those in California and New York, I can easily imagine they would mistakenly but falsely see our country covered in yellow and red, especially since that’s how media like NowThis, OccupyDemocrats, CNN, or MSNBC, etc would paint the picture and so they would see Missouri’s reopening as foolish.

Our neighbors in other States would probably see our country more like this mostly green one.

If we experience tension or conflicts in relationships, one of the causes is because we have different competing and often mutually exclusive images of the same situation, and thus we make attitudes, actions, and value judgments that contradict.

So it would help if we all adopt a humble and honest posture and recognize that we often make mental images of our situation that are incomplete, biased towards our personal desire for public health or personal freedom, and prone to being outdated quickly because the situation changes.

Even when both sides disagree, there’s no need to demonize one another. It does not help matters that news like CNN or Fox often focus on the outliers for their news cycle, but even so, we do not have to follow their example and stereotype one another in such animosity.

If you asked me what I would like to see, I would say “Follow the data.” I’m still hoping our elected officials are truly following the data that’s happening on the ground, and looking at death and hospitalization rates from COVID-19 and drafting their public policies accordingly.

If New York or California need to stay under lockdown longer than other states, then let them do so. If other states and their respective citizens feel they’re at a place where the risk is low enough for now before a second wave of COVID-19 hits to reopen their economy, let them do so, even when isolated cases like an outbreak at a barber shop happen.

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