Loving my Neighbor

The Bible commands us to love your neighbor as yourself.

What does this look like for the LGBTQUIA community?

Well the Bible points out that humans are made with body and soul.  We have a material and immaterial aspect to our existence.  God is the rightful Author of both, and desires that we look to the welfare of each.

The LGBTQUIA has joined the civil rights discussion to petition for their own concerns and desires.  With respect to gay rights, the things that Christians can help are access to healthcare, education, and housing.  What these things have in common are the concerns for the body that God has given all of us out of His common grace. Related are such things as freedom from bullying, excessive fear and hatred, and unfair treatment.

But for things such as same-sex marriage, and ability to use a bathroom according to one’s definition of personal sexuality, we cannot promote. If we did, we would be pushing the members of the community further into their iniquity against the God in whose image they were made and pushing them down a path of destruction.  The stakes are high because their very soul is in the balance.

The gay rights movement in matters pertaining to the soul is the modern expression of Jesus’ words: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36 KJV) Indeed, if the LGBTQUIA community gains everything they have on their agenda, what profit can they get at the expense of their own soul?

Christ commands us to love our neighbor.  And for our neighbors seeking sexual diversity, that commandment means that we love them with regards to their body and their souls, both of which are ultimately accountable to the God who made all of us.  We help them in regard to things that belong to God’s common grace to us all, and we help them meet Jesus as their Lord and Savior that they might encounter the special grace found in Him alone.


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